Certified Financial Planner, CFP

The author s passionate to use his expertise in helping business owners, corporate executives, professionals, and their families accumulate wealth and achieve their financial goals through meticulous financial planning and ongoing asset & investment portfolio management.



His humble family background fuels his determination in learning and sharing. He obtained scholarships and graduated from the University of the West of England & Taylor’s University with a First Class Honors degree in Business Management and Marketing.



His experience as a Credit Analyst in Bank and Forbes 500, has trained him to effectively translate and interpret financial information as well as business needs, and subsequently applying process improvement and construct financial solutions for clients from different background.


Personal Finance: 
✓ Investment and Wealth Accumulation Strategy
✓ Customized Retirement Planning
✓ Estate Planning via Will and Private Trust
✓ Risk Management via Insurance Planning
✓ Housing Loan Financing Advice and Solutions
✓ Tax Planning for Individual

Business Finance: 
✓ Corporate Fund Management
✓ Shop Loan Financing Solutions
✓ Company Employee Benefits Design & Healthcare benefits
✓ Business Key Person Protection and Secession Planning





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