​Unit Trust - EPF Withdrawal Calculator

How is the figure above obtained?

Basic Savings is an amount of savings to be put aside in Account 1 progressively at various pre-determined age levels so as to enable a member to accumulate a minimum savings of RM228,000 at age 55 years.

A member needs to have the required amount of savings at the pre-determined age levels. 30% of 'amount in excess' of the 'basic sum' can be invested in products offered by approved Investment Institutions.

The 'amount in excess' must be at least RM3,333.33. If you have this 'amount in excess', then the formula below is used to calculate the 'permitted amount to be invested'.

Permitted amount to be invested = (Account 1 – Basic Savings) x 30%

Please be informed that there is a new Basic Savings Schedule which will take effect from 1 January 2019. After end of December 2018 onwards, please use the new Basic Savings Schedule as below for your EPF form submissions.

For example, a 24-year old EPF member has RM50,000 in his EPF account 1. The excess of Basic Savings in Account 1 would be RM32,000 (RM 50,000 - RM18,000). The allowable withdrawal for member’s investment will be (RM32,000 * 30%) RM 9,600. The minimum amount of savings that can be withdrawn is RM1,000 and can be made at intervals of three months from the last transfer, subject to the availability of the Basic Savings requirement in Account 1.

Another example is a 30-year old EPF member who has RM36,000 in his EPF account. The excess of Basic Savings in Account 1 would be RM1,000. This EPF member is not eligible to withdraw his EPF savings to invest into EPF-approved unit trusts because the minimum amount for investment is RM300 (RM1,000*30%), which is less than RM1,000.